Blue Grey Frost Vase

Blue Grey Frost Vase

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Frost is one of those small bud vases that can work so well on its own you might not ever think to group them together, but you really should try it packs quite the wallop! A bunch of small flower vases like this in six fabulous soft and cool colours will really be the standout ceramic bud vase you’ve been searching for. These coloured vases are perfect for events; you can use them for each place setting or group them together for a bigger impact. Try all the colours together or pick one or two, with a stylish matte finish these coloured vases are more flexible than you ever dreamed. We named them Frost, but they’re anything but cold, these small flower vases are sure to warm your heart.

Perfect for those summer months when you want to see something fresh and cool occupy that empty space on your accent table

3" l x 3" w x 3.5" h

Made in Canada